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COST Savings

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Advantages of iSymphony

      • 10-30% savings on total contingent spend
      • Avoid SOX and other compliance problems
      • Visibility and control of all external contingent spend
      • Mitigate risks associated with co-employment and 1099 management
      • Foster Supplier Competition

What iSymphony’s Clients Say

Everyone that I have been in contact with on the iSymphony team is dedicated, hard-working, and always puts their client’s needs first. We worked together to support several clients with very specific requirements.  These clients not only viewed iSymphony as a consultant in these endeavors, but also a partner who made it seamless to fulfill their needs.
iSymphony’s technology is very user friendly.  They conducted our manager training by traveling when and where we needed them and were available quickly and easily for calls and questions.  We had over 30 vendors they helped us to transition and manage and since then they have done an excellent job of evaluating and removing non-performers or adding if and when a need seemed necessary.
Speaking from the client side, I have been involved with other managed systems and to date have not found a system as user friendly and as flexible from the order distribution, client contact and management to invoicing. The full life cycle of staffing seems to run very smoothly. Even the billing and payment process has been streamlined so we have better reports and more accurate data.
I have been amazed at how quickly you were able to install and customize such a sophisticated web based system. Our users quickly adapted to the new process and feedback I received from our accounting department praised the efficiency and reliability of the invoicing system.
Our customers have been pleased with the switch from our old system over to the iSymphony system. The transition was easy and so far they find the system easy to navigate.

Breakthrough Your Biggest Expense

1. 10-30% savings on total contingent spend Review, consolidate and streamline global supplier sources for the entire organization
Standardized ordering process for contingent workers with improved hiring efficiencies Enabling company personnel to focus on core competencies Improving commitment level of staffing suppliers by earning volume discounts.  READ MORE