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Spend Management

Tangible and Intangible Cost Savings Through Process Improvements | Standardization of Rates Through Rate Cards or Negotiated Mark-Ups | Reduction of Direct Hire Fee Schedule | Consolidated Invoicing | Competitive Sourcing | Real Time Spend Analysis by Order/Cost Center/PO

Process Automation

On-Line Requisition Entry & Approval Organized by Hierarchy or Spend Authority | Auto Creation of Internal Job Postings | On-Line Requisition Entry & Approval Organized by Hierarchy or Spend Authority | Candidate Screening | Supplier Management | Standardized Job Descriptions | On-Board Notifications (Security, IT, etc.)

Legal/Risk Compliance

Verify Pre/Post Hiring Requirements | Quarterly Compliance Audits | Standard Contracts | Uniform Insurance Requirements | Full DCAA Compliance | Online 1099 IC Assessment | Ensure Diverse Supplier Objectives | Ensure Regulatory Compliance

HR Consulting

Spend Management | Workforce Utilization | Forecasting Trends | Reduced Hiring Cycle Time | Best Practices | Training

  • “iSymphony’s is impressive in scope and simplicity of use. We have benefited significantly from their compliance control, analytics and the ease of use.”

    - Steven

  • “Speaking from the vendor side, I have been involved with many managed systems and to date have not found a system as user friendly as your product. All aspects from the order distribution, client contact and management of the closing approval process seem to run very smoothly. I especially like the notification system when clients have reviewed and selected a candidate for interview and hire. Even the billing and payment process has been streamlines so vendors receive constant notification of current status. This part had definitely relieved frustrations from my accounting department.”

    - Vic

  • “The iSymphony system is the best 3rd party system I have used and the support from the iSymphony staff is very professional and prompt.  The complete functionality and ease of use features of the system make my job easier and more predictable.  I would be happy to recommend the iSymphony to any employer.”

    - Ron

  • “iSymphony’s technology is very user friendly. They conducted our manager training by traveling when and where we needed them and were available quickly and easily for calls and questions. We had over 30 vendors they helped us to transition and manage and since then they have done an excellent job of evaluating and removing non-performers or adding if and when a need seemed necessary.”

    - Sabrina

  • The iSymphony VMS and iTime Technology*

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