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iTime is designed with flexibility in mind. Based on business’s requirements, one or more of the following time entry methods may be used:

  • In/Out/Lunch Timecard – Employee enters work time by indicating Time In and Time Out, including time spent for lunch. Employee may enter labor account information, paid and non-paid time off hours.
  • Summary Time Sheet – Employee enters total hours worked each day and pay information such as worked hours, vacation, sick and personal time, and others.
  • Paper-timesheet mode
  • Track spending by Department, Cost Center, WBS Elements, Project Codes, etc.
  • Bio-metric time clocks

Accounting support

  • Time increment customization: minutes, quarters, hours, days, etc.
  • Holiday tracking
  • Prior period adjustment support
  • Time/Pay code customization
  • PTO tracking
  • Flexible organization structure
  • Import/Export integration with 3rd party accounting, project management, and payroll/HR
  • Custom automatic generation of missing timesheets

Online Manager Approval

iTime provides hiring managers/approvers with a user-friendly and fully automated way to approve timesheets. During timesheet approval period, hiring managers/approvers responsible for approving multiple employees’ timesheets can easily approve all pending timesheets with a single click with mobile support.