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iSymphony specializes in designing customized managed service programs for complex business needs. Our solutions architects partner with clients to sculpt a workforce program that will save you money while improving the quality of your talent acquisition through the natural competition of a vendor neutral format. Understanding, leveraging and merging opportunities of an ever changing workforce landscape helps us to maximize our client’s ROI while minimizing their risk exposures.

iSymphony partners with the best specialty staffing firms to bring our clients the best in on-demand talent. While many MSP providers approach their vendor relations as disposable assets, we are always advancing our partnerships with new, innovative suppliers.

As change management specialists, iSymphony optimizes program adoption through comprehensive training and communication programs and an innovative usage monitoring system. Our program and systems have been rated as among the easiest to use in the industry.

iSymphony’s industry best internal and external auditory policies ensure sustainability by consistently exceeding the program’s Service Level Agreements.

The iSymphony Advantages

  • Real-time Advanced Business Analytics
  • Global Scalability to Meet All Your Business Needs
  • Change Management Experts
  • Year Over Year Savings
  • Source identification and Management for Immediate Savings
  • Advanced Risk Mitigation Controls
  • Comprehensive Statement of Work Programs
  • Vendor Neutral
  • Unique Brand Enhancement Opportunities
  • Fully Configurable Systems